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Welcome to Life, by us… 

Who is us? We are Jackie and Lauren, cousins by birth and best friends by choice. We were raised as sisters and have basically been inseparable since birth. Thank you for stopping by! We are passionate about life and living! It is our hope to build a community of like minded wives, daughters, mothers, and sisters to share experiences in our everyday chaotic (at times) Lives!  We are thrilled that you are here and are excited to share our lives with YOU, our readers! You can expect to find new and exciting content ranging from home improvement, DIY projects, and creative crafts, to exciting new travels, our passion to live healthier, organized, and efficient and everything in between. 

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Technically, the names Jacquelyn but most everyone calls me Jackie and for my bests I’m just Jack! Enough about my name and more about me. I am a daughter, a sister, a wife, and hopefully one day a mother. I love my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ and am thankful for his grace and mercy in my life.

I was born and raised in good ole’ Southern California and have lived here all my life except when I decided to spend law school in Iowa. Yes, I said law school and yes, Iowa. I loved the wonderful state of Iowa, I loved the people and the lifelong friendships that I made there, but the weather… not so much. I know it’s cliche but California weather just cannot be beat!

I’ve been married to my wonderful, airplane fanatic, numbers- loving engineer of a husband for almost three years now. My marriage has been one of the greatest blessings in my life. My husband is my constant rock and biggest supporter and I love him! We bought a fixer-upper about a year ago now and we’ve enjoyed making our house a home. We love to work hard but play harder! When we aren’t working crazy long hours, or working on our fixer upper we love to travel and explore exciting new places.



I have been a practicing attorney for three years now…. man time flies! I became an attorney because I am passionate about helping others. My job allows me the opportunity to fulfill that passion. Although, a lawyer by day I am a crafter at heart. I love creating, inventing and DIYing! If faced with the option between DIY or store-bought I will, almost always, go the DIY route.

I have struggled with my weight for most of my life and I am constantly looking for ways to incorporate healthy meal plans into my daily schedule. I long to be more organized, more effective, and more efficient. I love to volunteer and I love to work with kids.

I am, in short, a lover of life and all of its experiences! I love that I get to take you on this journey alongside my cousin and best friend and hope that you will enjoy our differences and our similarities as we share our life perspectives with you!




Hi, My name is Lauren, and I am the privileged woman who gets to call Milton my husband, and Matthew my son. I have a deep love and relationship with my savior Jesus and continue to strive to live like Him each and every day. I have a master’s degree in Clinical Psychology, and currently practice as a Marriage and Family Therapist Registered Intern. I am very excited to be almost completely done with my examination process, and hope to be fully licensed this year. I have always had a passion for helping others in multiple capacities. My hope through this blog is to reach out to similar women, mothers, daughters, friends, sisters etc. through my authentic experiences, in hopes that our similarities brings community and support. In writing this blog alongside my cousin and best friend, I hope to also create a meaningful space where we can one day look back on a chronological timeline of our lives, how we felt, and how we managed through it.

I have been married to my best friend and soul mate for 5 years now, and fall more in love with him every day. Marriage, by no means has been easy, but in the process of learning through our hardships, we have grown closer together, with a bond that will never be broken. My marriage is my greatest passion and driving force in life! I strongly believe that a healthy marriage is the heart and life of a home. I love trying to find spontaneous and fun ways to spice things up in my marriage (even after kids!) and look forward to sharing tips and ideas that have worked wonderfully for us in the past.

I am a (newer) mom, to a beautiful, incredibly smart, and energetic 14 month old little boy. I spend a ton of my spare time researching the best meals and snacks to provide, the best educational and stimulating games/activities to try, or best places to take a 1 year old. My life is covered in cheerios, mega blocks, and random things around the house that I forgot I even had! I love being a momma, and love learning the different ways that other moms survived the different stages of childhood (because there is no one right way). Now that my son is completely mobile, I am all about looking for places around SoCal that will keep him entertained, wont bother others if he’s loud, and provide useful amenities for feeding/changing.

Traveling, whether near or far, is a favorite and must in my family. My husband and I love spending quality time together and have found some true gems right here at home! During our travels, we are always on the hunt for the best food and wine around town. Stopping the hustle and bustle of every day life and on a budget is a high priority for me. I am so fortunate to have a great family support system that loves to watch our little one so mommy and daddy can have alone time.

I am so excited to embark in this new journey with you alongside my best friend! Although uncomfortable at times, I believe that honest and open examples of life are what truly impact others. I am so excited to hear your thoughts, life struggles and triumphs as we navigate together through this common bond we call, Life.