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Encourage Others Today – National Day of Encouragement

Encourage Others Today – National Day of Encouragement

Did you know that September 12th is National Day of Encouragement? In recognition of that Dayspring is daring people all over the world to reach beyond their comfort zones and participate in the #EncouragementDare.


We are Called to Encourage

God calls us to encourage one another on a daily basis. However, this dare could not have come at a better time and as I write this I am thinking of all the individuals throughout the world who could use some encouraging today. It is no secret that we have seen and experienced some major catastrophic events in the last month that have resulted in mass devastation for so many who I am sure can use some encouraging words. Thinking about the ways that we could reach out and encourage those around us sometimes seems daunting and it honestly takes us out of our comfort zone. Not to mention the distraction of our busy schedules and the day to day tasks that we are focused on.

When was the last time that you encouraged your spouse, neighbor, friend, or co-worker, let alone a complete stranger? When was the last time someone encouraged you? Do you remember how that made you feel? Maybe it was a simple “good job” at work or a “thank you for doing that” from your spouse. Encouraging others doesn’t have to be complicated, and it’s most often the simplest of tasks that will go a long way.

Take the #EncouragementDare today!


Join Me

Although, National Day of Encouragement is on September 12th Dayspring’s challenge goes from today until the 15th! So you have a week to spread some encouragement to those near and far, if you chose. Dayspring has also made it so easy to participate by creating an awesome encouragement kit that includes some adorable printables. I printed some of these out and will be turning them into cards. Pop a couple in your purse and hand one to your clerk at the grocery store, your best friend, your spouse, or anyone who the Lord places on your heart. The kit is completely free when you sign up to participate in the challenge. The challenge also comes with an awesome checklist of different ideas that include actions you can focus on throughout this week and beyond if you desire.


So what are we waiting for! Lets go encourage others today! If you decide to join me in this #EncouragementDare comment below and let us know the ways in which you are taking this on! Make sure to use the #EncouragementDare hashtag so others can see and perhaps be encouraged themselves!

– Jackie

Take the #EncouragementDare today!

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