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Finding Happiness

Finding Happiness

Happiness, the most desired sentiment.  We have been brought up in a society that has taught us, “be happy,” and follow “the pursuit of happiness,” but as a person of this society, I ask the question, “how can I find my happiness?”  Today I propose to you this idea, Is happiness a “thing” to be found? 


Instant gratification has become a common cancer in our lives now-a-days.  We work out for a week and expect people to tell us we look “great,” “beautiful,” “thinner.”  We try and save up some money here and there and expect all of our debt to magically disappear.  My favorite is the thoughts of trying to repair broken relationships with small acts of kindness and later giving up, because we, “didn’t get anything back.”  LIFE, takes time.  Let me repeat this, everything in life, takes time.  Rarely does anything precious or worth your time completed with full expected results within hours or days.  I love to look at nature and the slow progress of how creation flourishes over time.  God could have sped up pregnancy, changed the seasons quicker, allowed children to grow into adult bodies faster; but He didn’t. There is something special to be said of something that is achieved after long periods of work, or your own “blood, sweat, and tears” you might say.  What a rush, and feeling of accomplishment, when you graduate from college, or even higher levels of education.  Those countless, sleepless nights were meant for something, for a greater purpose; they brought you to a place of greater opportunity.  The miracle of life growing inside of a mothers womb is hard, emotional, and painful, but I’ve yet to meet a mother who didn’t say “it was all worth it” at the end.   img_0908

“Hard work” is worth it for the things that are important to us!  You want a stronger marriage? WORK at it.  You want more obedient children? WORK at it.  You want to excel in your career?  WORK at it.  Lastly, you want Happiness?  You have to WORK for it. 


My fellow readers, Happiness will not be there to wake you up in the mornings and tuck you in at night on its own.  Happiness is a choice.  You need to wake up and chose to be happy, regardless of life’s circumstance, if you are serious about being happy.  Life, unfortunately, is life.  Horrible and beautiful things are all a part of that. I am not saying that circumstances should not effect our emotions, because they absolutely do.  I am simply stating that there is not a “quick fix” or “12 step” answer to bring you happiness in life.  Happiness comes from gratitude, thankfulness, humbleness, and love.  If you are finding yourself struggling to feel happy, ask yourself how your are doing in the other areas, what are you grateful/thankful for in your life, how do you treat others/respond, how are you giving and receiving love?


We are relational beings created to live out life in fellowship with others.  I encourage you to talk more to your husband, play more with your kids, volunteer somewhere, give up your time for others less fortunate.  In these things my friends, you will find Happiness.  Happiness is not an object to be obtained once and then forgotten about.  You can’t buy a lifetime subscription to happiness.  Like everything in life, you must intentionally work on yourself, your life, your character, and who you want to be.


Are you struggling with finding Joy/Happiness? or have you found a helpful way to choose Joy even when life is rough?  We would love to hear from you!

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