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Our Home {Before}

Our Home {Before}

Welcome to our minty green fixer upper…

 I can’t believe it’s been a year since my husband and I officially closed escrow on our first home. Where does the time go? Living in Southern California we knew immediately that a house within our budget, in the areas that we wanted would most definitely be a fixer upper. After every house that we toured my DIY wheels were spinning with ideas because who doesn’t just long for an opportunity to channel their inner “Joanna Gaines.” We looked at quite a few houses and even had a few disappointments before we finally got the news that our offer had been accepted on the mint green beauty that we now call home.

Kitchen DIY Before fixer upper

The almost 30 day escrow felt like an eternity! We couldn’t wait to have the keys in our hands, and would stop by the house any chance we could to imagine our future. We would take measurements talk about things we wanted to change, and long for the day when we could move in. Projects started almost immediately, we had to clean the dirty carpets, take down the popcorn ceiling, remove the hideous blue and pink wallpaper, prep the walls for paint, and clean up the forest of trees that had been growing outside. All the while, packing up our apartment because we didn’t want to pack too much before escrow was final. These are just a few of the things that we started on right away. Those first couple weeks of home ownership almost feel like a blur. There was dust, dirt, and piles of trash everywhere! It quickly became difficult to imagine this “house” being anything more than a project, and it definitely did not feel like home.

I’d  be  lying  if  I  didn’t  say  that  my  husband  and  I  would  return  to  our  very  disheveled  and  half-packed  apartment  after some of those first couple of days look at each other and wonder if we had made a HUGE mistake. Could this “disaster” ever be something more? Where do we start? How much will this cost? HGTV definitely never warned us of all that really goes into making a house a “home.”

Moving day came quicker than we could ever have imagined, so much for that loooong escrow. We had a truck and plenty  of helpers to move us but no where to put anything. We were forced to unload everything into our garage. The last thing I wanted to do was put my furniture and belongings into the garage. The garage wasn’t exactly “clean” it was full of dust and not a place for furniture, clothes, dishes, etc. This is definitely not how I envisioned moving day going. My parents were kind enough to offer their home as a place for us to stay at least until we could get our furniture into our bedroom which wouldn’t end up being for about another month!

Almost a month later, we got to a point where we could walk in the house without inhaling a cloud of dust! We slowly moved in our couches and our bed our night stands and our toiletries. We hung clothes in our closets and were so very excited to start living in our home. We laid low for the next month or so. No major projects, instead we spent our time moving our “stuff” from the garage into the house, we organized and unpacked and tried to organize as much as we could. We dusted, dusted, and then dusted some more. I quickly learned why so many people dread even starting construction, the dust NEVER goes away. It was nice to live somewhat calmly but that can only last for so long…. the pink bathroom had to go….and so began our first official total tear down!

  – Jackie

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