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Work Week Survival Tips

Work Week Survival Tips

We are all guilty of it. Staying up way past our bed time, browsing (more like stalking) our friends and acquaintances, wishing we had (their) organization skills, perfect hair, and obviously joyous personality 24/7, all the while taking care of our kids, husbands, home, work, family etc… Who are these women? Seriously! You don’t sleep a full night, are up before the sun, have ten thousand things to do before getting to work, but you have time to give us all a glimpse of your perfectly edited life? Lets be real ladies. These “edited” photos are our personal insecurities hidden from others to see. We live in such a judgmental culture where people actually think only their way is right. I know you can relate to me in having to clean up your house before taking a picture, or doing your hair before posting to social media. Where do you draw the line? When can people see what it really takes to run a successful family, and let me tell you it isn’t filled with hair straighteners, mascara, candles, or perfectly crafted organization bins! Life is filled with Cheerios! As I write this, several Cheerios lay all over my floor; remnants of my sons earlier snack time. I am by no means excusing a disastrous mess, I am hoping to help you stop criticizing yourself and help your family function, your way!

The first thing you have to do is STOP comparing yourself to every Tom, Dick, and Jane. They have “that messy closet/drawer” too, they just haven’t displayed that for the world to criticize! You only see the Pinterest ready section/part of their lives, so stop wanting to be what they aren’t either!

Next, you have to sit down and come up with a FEASIBLE routine (plan) for your family to follow. Whether you are single, just married, have kids, or are retired, having a regular routine makes life flow better and you function at a more consistent level. Try these tips out even if just for one week to see if it helps with your family:

  • Choose a night (I prefer Sunday’s) to plan your meals for the week. Man, this is a tough one for me! There is nothing worse than coming home from work exhausted with a crying/starving baby, a hungry husband and having no idea what to start cooking at 6:30pm! Make things a bit simpler for yourself and jot down what you plan to prepare each night for lunches and dinners and then make sure you have those items/ingredients before the week starts.
  • Prepare your wardrobe the night before!! Do this people! You will save so much time. Lay out your clothes, shoes, jewelry/accessories, work/school bag. You would be so surprised by how much time is wasted running around in the morning figuring out what you are going to do! If you are like me, functioning and morning are not used in the same sentence, help your “morning self” out if your not a morning person.
  • Choose a bed time and (stick to it).  I also like to recommend a sleeping routine to help prepare you for bed i.e. reading, drinking chamomile tea, drawing, writing etc…
  • Try waking up at least five minutes earlier to help settle into your day. If you go to bed at a typical hour each night and have sufficient sleep, you should be able to wake up earlier and ease into your morning. The worst way to start the day is rushing around, fumbling through your closet that is now all over your bed because you couldn’t decide on what blouse you liked better, yelling at your kid for not putting their shoes one when you told them 10 minutes ago, and forgetting your lunch on the kitchen counter! Give yourself time to enjoy your morning and casually finish up last minute to-do’s.

I challenge you to create your own personal or family routine. Make sure that it is something that you could feasibly follow and then stick to it! With practice, your routine will become second nature and you will find that the most chaotic days are the ones in which you fell off of your routine.



What secrets have you found to help you get through the busy work week? Please comment and share with us below, we would love to hear your thoughts and experiences!

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*Photographic Media from http://www.generationy.com/why-routine-is-important/

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